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Chris Clayton

Creating Dreams in Homes

The Parade of Homes quickly approaches—>The Final Countdown<—crowds gather, anticipation for lift off gains momentum, #24 The Hampton is prepared to take you out of this

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Parade Grandeur

The end of January has found us and, as mentioned in the last blog, we at American Heritage Homes sincerely wish you the best in

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NEW Year

It is that time of year again–NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS–and we, at American Heritage Homes, hope that the commitments you have made are sticking and success

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Thanksgiving is founded in paying tribute to Gods after the fall harvest, times of prosperity, merrymaking, and the often cited homeostatic bond between Native Americans

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Trump: Housing Matters?

Halloween has FALLen to the quickly changing weather, Thanksgiving is calling, Christmas in sight, and President Elect Donald Trump has won the election. Whether your

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Happy HUDlween

{{Halloween}} Already…the ghouls are among us and trick-or-treaters will be ringing the bell asking for money or food?? That’s right, Irish coming to America around 1846,

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St. George Boom

Dialing it in locally, after evaluating Brexit, St. George News indicated in January, 2016, that “another year of sustainable growth has been projected for 2016.” Dixie State

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Local Growth

Brexit=Britain Exiting the European Union (EU), which, for those following the news, may impact the economic and political infrastructure.  It remains to be seen how

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