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Photo from Rocky Vista University Website
Photo from Rocky Vista University Website
Dialing it in locally, after evaluating Brexit, St. George News indicated in January, 2016, that “another year of sustainable growth has been projected for 2016.” Dixie State University (DSU) has added to campus housing, Campus View Suites, increasing dormitory options with an additional 352 spaces. According to DSU the additional housing was completed in less than one year, and has provided students new space for the current academic year. Furthermore, DSU, which began 64 years ago as a small junior college, is planning expansion as there has been a 60% increase in enrollment in the past five years, with a student population of 9,000. You may already see construction finished with the Campus View Suites, however, construction atop the Black Hill at the Old Airport is underway. The city of St. George donated property and Utah State Legislature provided DXATC with an additional $2.5 million, which was used to purchase 20 more acres atop the Black Hill.  And following The Spectrum, DXATC’s new addition will house business and technology, which promotes skilled workers in one year so they have greater earning potential along with greater services to provide the community.

Additionally, Intermountain Healthcare has begun construction on their River Road campus, with an estimated cost of $300 million. Following St. George News, there has been a steady increase in the demand for medical services and the expected completion for Intermountain’s new expansion is 2018. And another exciting addition to Ivins is the construction of a medical school–The Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine-Southern Utah branch. According to St. George News, the college is expected to begin accepting students by August 2017. At the foundation of this medical college, the impact locally is great as our residents now have the opportunity to medically train in their own backyard where before they sought medical training elsewhere. Additionally, this will draw skilled individuals to Southern Utah for medical training, and lets face it, once in St. George there is a magnetic appeal of stunning visuals, outdoor activities, weather and year round leisure.

Photo from Rocky Vista University Website
This may come as no surprise, but driving around the Washington County area provides one with visuals of new construction, the hustle and bustle of work, commuting, and a growing St. George economy. Overall the community is experiencing growth, just as projected for 2016. Yet another example, Hurst Field has been refitted with a new Elementary that will now be home to students from East Elementary. Debates appear to continue with the direction of the historic Sun Bowl as there remains community support to —>leave it alone<— The new elementary school will now house students from what formerly was East Elementary. And, where East Elementary was, Dixie State University has acquired this space to expand their School of Education.

Southern Utah, as breifly outlined herein, is expanding economically, which is driving commerce that, should it continue, will draw a dynamic population to the community. Additional schools, University expansions, and a medical college all have one theme in common–{{GROWTH}}. Home loan rates continue to be at an all time low, however, rumor is spreading that the Presidential Election may change the direction of mortgage lending. For the meantime, American Heritage Homes is here to assist with new construction, move in ready homes, remodels, and helping you achieve your home buying needs.

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  • The AHH team just completed our house in Hurricane in August, 2016 and they did an excellent job. We live in California and when we started the building process, we heard all the horror stories about trying to build a house ""long distance"" but AHH made sure that none of that happened.There were a few hiccups along the way but that's to be expected for this type of project. Communication is the key factor for a successful job like this and, even for the hiccups, they were on top of it all the way.
    And one more sign of a professional organization is that, even now, after the job is done, they are just as responsive to our needs and questions as before. They really do care to do a good job!
    We can't say enough good things about AHH and their professional staff and will recommend them to anyone who want to build a home in our area.

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    Ilene Bandringa2016 Homeowner