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Springtime is Time to Spring

Springtime in Southern Utah

After such a marvelous turnout with the Southern Utah Parade of Homes, which will be discussed in continuing blog posts, it now is springtime in Southern Utah.

Flowers blooming, fragrances wafting in the breeze, smells and sights tickle your senses as you begin to entertain ideas of the upcoming changing seasons. What to do with your home–buy or sale, refinance…or…home improvements, remodeling, or adding a touch of flare to your existing layout. Whatever your itch, find the scratch with American Heritage Homes as we are a full-service construction firm and your solution to home improvement needs–see our preferred lenders to begin working with skilled professionals to meet your home financing needs.

Springtime is, at least here in St. George, a blessing that provides refuge between a colder string of months that over night (it seems) has turned into melt your shoes off as you walk summer. 100+ degree temperatures are coming our way>>>shut the blinds, lock the doors and crank the air conditioning<<<so take advantage the next several months to meditate in the bliss of spring.

Planting shrubs, flowers, gardens provides the opportunity to connect with Mother Nature, self, and gain skills for delayed gratification. But, what can we plant in St. George so it does not burn down with the rising sun? The USDA Agricultural Research Service has made this more understood, so we can continue to plant and grow. According to this website, St. George zip codes fall into Zone 8a–what does this mean? Better Homes and Gardens explains this well and provides many tributary links to become familiar with planting zones, so this spring is successful now and in the future. Here is a great visual, calendar and frost schedule for Utah zones–this will provide you information about vegetables ready to plant in zone 8a.


As with most things human, the need to adorn your home is as innate as the beating heart. Your home is no different in making it unique, personal, and a place of serenity, inside and out. Plant seeds as they will grow–trees to shade, shrubs to reach, flowers to bloom– and one never knows what other wellsprings will manifest through the human condition of connecting to Mother Nature.

Last, but not least, Shem Foster began planting hopes, inspiration, and constructing the American Dream. We celebrate seven years of excellence. Happy Anniversary to an integral part of this organization, a great man, father, husband and, above all–Architect of Dreams…

Plant on American Heritage Homes followers!!

Gardening Backyard of Lot E219 in Dixie Springs


Client Testimonials
  • We built our home in 2001 # 271 Believe in the scheme of Americans Heritages numbering plan. On poured Walls set to the correct grade and an amazing home. We are 15 years in the home and do not even have a crack in the drywall, which is unheard of. All the hardwood trim is as tight as the day we moved in, 6 panel doors the same. All appliances (Furnace, Hot Water Heater) are still 100% - and best of all NO SQUEAKY FLOORS.If we would do it again - These are the guys !!!!

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    Eric Cherryholmes