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NEW Year

It is that time of year again–NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS–and we, at American Heritage Homes, hope that the commitments you have made are sticking and success is had. As you will see, we have made commitments ourselves and have redesigned our website. We find our new site to be easily navigated, bright, and full of life as you nestle up to find the home builder of your dream home.

Following Google, resolution is defined as a “firm decision to do or not to do something; the act of solving a problem.” Quite a definitive statement, but why do so many of us resolve to make resolutions and not begin with anything once the new year hits? Our plans to maintain resolutions, once they are begun, quickly fizzle out…but not with American Heritage Homes. The word commitment may present obstacles to many that create interference in what we truly want–maybe the commitments made are not firm, but desires that are wanted without having to do the work. It is, often times, expected that results will manifest without putting work into the desire, which, of course, is a fallacy. Without hard work, dedication, perseverance, and conflict resolution success often times becomes an illusion that never was. This, however, is not the case with American Heritage Homes as we aim to dedicate our hard work into building, remodeling, and crafting the home of your dreams–that is SUCCESS.

Your home becomes more than just a structure–a metaphor for life for the philosophical. A firm foundation{{Physically, Mentally, Spiritually, Emotionally}} is needed to build a home, which is absolutely true in life. Without a foundation of physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional strength we may fracture easily, shift without notice, crack in unforeseen spots , and ultimately be unable to bear the weight of such enormity. This year, 2017, is your year to strengthen your foundation so you are able to carry the weight of all you do and have done.

Together, from a team approach and from beginning to end, American Heritage Homes walks you through the entire process, answers questions, and works tirelessly to meet your home needs. This is our commitment to you–EXCELLENCE–in your most meaningful purchase in your life. Your home becomes a living extension of you as you will raise a family, experience love and pain, retire, send children to college and, ultimately, observe the love grow into your home–don’t take this for granted as your home is your sanctuary and a place to create memories!
When thinking home and all that the word means–love, creation, memories, safety–think American Heritage Homes!

Client Testimonials
  • Great builder!!! Made our first build an exceptional experience. They made the whole thing a lot easier than expected. Will use them again for my parents house and highly recommend them for Price, Customer Satisfaction, and more...

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    Raymund Balallo