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Happy HUDlween


{{Halloween}} Already…the ghouls are among us and trick-or-treaters will be ringing the bell asking for money or food?? That’s right, Irish coming to America around 1846, from Ireland’s potato famine, began dressing up, going house to house, and asked for food or money, which has evolved into the trick-or-treat tradition we know today–$$Trick-or-Treat$$. Halloween, however, has been around much longer…say around 2,000 years with the Celtic Festival of Samhain, which was a transitional time of year–from summer and the harvest to the cold winter–and ironically a time of death. It also was believed that this transition merged the land of the living with that of the dead. Ghosts, goblins and other creatures were believed to have crossed over to the land of the living and mischievous acts took place. As you prepare to enter the night of October 31, be safe and have fun!


The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) provides a firm foundation in the economy; their mission statement reflects that the community you build your home in is free of discrimination, improves your quality of life through housing, and strengthens the housing market and economy. This is seen, in a recent “press release,” where HUD has allocated $65 million for Puerto Rico Public Housing to enhance existing communities, build new structures, and retrofit homes to make accessible for those with disabilities. This funding will assist Puerto Rico within their municipalities and plans are to have completed their agenda in the next five years, 2021.


Although not $$trick-or-treating$$ for money, HUD has provided relief to Louisiana, Texas, and West Virginia as these states have been impacted by flooding from Hurricane Matthew. HUD’s secretary, Julian Castro, identified these three states as needing the most assistance and has allocated funds accordingly–Louisiana $437,800,000; Texas $45,200,000; $17,000,000–for a total of $500 million. Furthermore and closer to home, HUD has awarded Utah with over $282,000 in funds for what is called Private Enforcement Initiative (PEI). Investigations, using this grant money, take place to prevent and or eliminate discriminatory practices.


Furthermore, HUD indicates single family home housing permits and starts, for the month of September, were above that of August, however, single family home completions have fallen below what was projected—->to see what programs HUD offers<—- Additionally, browse through HUD’s website to better familiarize yourself with their role in your neighborhood, community and society. Finding yourself in the biggest purchase of your life, American Heritage Homes has your back as we commit to maintaining the integrity HUD has so boldly placed in housing development.

Building homes seems to be the product for sale here, however, we not only want to build your home we want to anchor you to your community where you will grow, thrive, and evolve. When thinking of building a home, American Heritage Homes aligns with your vision to make dreams come true. Fully realizing your dream and building, remodeling, or buying move-in-ready, American Heritage Homes does so without discrimination so you can enjoy the process from beginning to end—->please see our testimonials<—- Honesty, integrity, and a commitment to make your end result a home is our quest at American Heritage Homes. As you enter your journey of the home building, buying, or remodeling process, you can trust American Heritage Homes!


Client Testimonials
  • We built our home in 2001 # 271 Believe in the scheme of Americans Heritages numbering plan. On poured Walls set to the correct grade and an amazing home. We are 15 years in the home and do not even have a crack in the drywall, which is unheard of. All the hardwood trim is as tight as the day we moved in, 6 panel doors the same. All appliances (Furnace, Hot Water Heater) are still 100% - and best of all NO SQUEAKY FLOORS.If we would do it again - These are the guys !!!!

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    Eric Cherryholmes