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Frequently Asked Questions

We  LOVE  questions! The questions we get from our clients help us streamline our process and improve our company offerings. This is a collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ.) Don’t see your question here? Please contact us and we will get back to you right away.

Yes. All American Heritage Homes come with a 1 year builder warranty which covers your home for the first year. Additional warranty coverage is available, please contact our in-house real estate company for more details.

Yes. The amount of our “construction costs” go down if you are a cash buyer, so we gladly pass the savings on to you.

American Heritage Homes does not discount the price of the home if there is not a Real Estate Professional involved.

Terrific! We ♥ LOVE ♥ Real Estate Professionals! At American Heritage Homes, we have the utmost respect for Realtors and the value they bring to the building industry. We are more than happy to pay a commission to any Real Estate Professional who is the procuring cause of any new home sale and we sincerely THANK them for trusting us enough to refer their clients to our company. Please contact our real estate professionals and they would be happy to provide more details.

The “short sale” market is very unpredictable. The only thing that is “short” about a “short sale” is that someone ends up getting the “short” end of the stick. Here’s why. Let’s imagine a “short sale” as a board game. The buyer and seller are the game pieces and the bank is the player. The game pieces (buyer and seller) are at the mercy of the player (bank) and unlike most board games, the short sale game doesn’t have the same rules every time and sometimes the rules change as the game progresses. In the end, there “may” be one winner, or there “may” be no winners because the player (bank) decides they don’t want to play anymore. Our questions would be “why would any serious buyer want to play a game in which there are no guaranteed rules or results?” Building a new home is very different because there are defined rules. Each game piece has a purpose and there is a guaranteed outcome. If you would like more information in this, please contact our real estate professionals and they would be happy to provide more details.

That’s a great question! In today’s market where foreclosures are more accessible, most people are under the impression that a “foreclosure” will be a “better deal” than building brand new. This is rarely the case, and here’s why. We have found many times that we are able to build homes equal to and most times under foreclosure and short sale properties because of several factors such as: land prices are lower; building costs have come down; labor costs are very competitive; our builder fee is competitive and very fair to the buyer.

Yes. American Heritage Homes does consider allowing “sweat equity” on a case by case basis. Anyone working on an American Heritage Home is required to be actively licensed, insured and must complete all work within the time-frame as we have scheduled.

There is not “pre-set” time from start to finish. It really depends on a few different factors such as, the plan you choose and the location you choose to build. Each city has different requirements which could affect building time. Providing you with a quality built home is one of our top priorities. On average, our build time has been less than 3 months from start to finish.

Great! Give us a call so we can get the details on the size, location etc.. We will gladly build the home of your dreams on your lot!

We have and will build “anywhere” in Washington County, Utah. From Dammeron Valley to St. George, from Washington to Hurricane. We would be honored to build your new home on your lot or ours.

We both have had extensive construction backgrounds and have been building since we were in our teens. Our parent company, Rock Tite Construction Company, was formed in 1997, but our construction experience spans over 40 years.

Quality. Experience. Service. Details.

We ARE different from other builders and here is why.

Quality: We sincerely care about providing a quality home and our goal is two-fold…

  1. For you to be 100% satisfied and completely happy with your home the day you move in and,
  2. To have had a great experience along the way.

Experience: We’ve been there and done that! We’ve been “in the field” for many years, so we know what it takes to build it right, on time and on budget.

Service: Our personalized service is unparalleled. Just hear what our homeowners have to say.

Details: We pay meticulous attention to detail, even down to the things you “don’t” see, giving our clients the freedom to focus on “living their life” during the construction process.

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