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Trends in Backsplashes

Unique backsplashes are trending….from a new spin on the traditional subway tile, to cement tiles, marble and more!
Over the past 5 years, everyone has been in love with the traditional subway tile again. But those who like to take a little risk are adding COLOR. We are also seeing a more modern take on subway tile with more people using the 4X12 sizes as opposed to the standard 3X6. Mixing textures can also add dimension. Mixing wavy tiles with flat…glossy with matte…can help to add interest when using one color.
Cement tiles are all the rage right now. The more detailed they are the more expensive they are. We are seeing these in kitchens a lot, but for those of you who have a smaller budget, cement tiles can make a huge impact in smaller areas like above the cook top or in laundry rooms both on the floor and on the splash!
Marble has always been a classic finish but as we see trends come back around full circle, marble is making its way back into our lives once again but this time in fun and unique shapes. Changing up the shape will help to add interest to your backsplash as marble is a more subdued color, and the eccentric shapes help give it some pizzazz.

As marble makes its way back in, we will start to see more and more black and white as marble was the original Queen of this color scheme.

BLACK and white has always been a classic color combination and as modern, 50s inspired, and retro décor comes back, we will also see these color combos on our hard surfaces.

A backsplash can be the star of your kitchen if you allow yourself to be creative and really put some effort into your selection. Sometimes people are scared to take risks on hard surfaces but at the end of the day, it really isn’t that difficult or expensive to switch our your backsplash if you grow sick of it. So whether you’re going to be in your house for 10 months or 10 years, invest a little more in this area of your home and HAVE SOME FUN!


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