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Accent Walls! Brick, Wallpaper, And Even Adhesives!

Remember when everyone had a painted accent wall in their home? Those maroon, beige, and dark glazed accent walls flooded our homes in the 90’s and now accent walls are back bigger and better.
Brick, Barnwood, Ship Lap, Tile, Wallpaper, and even Stickers…..the skies the limit with wall treatments and it all comes down to budget and creativity,
Brick Walls!
I’ve always LOVED brick. The desire to buy a century old home and expose a brick feature wall is secretly every girls dream. Brick is expensive in new construction, here are some tricks to add it to your home on a budget and where to spend your $$$.
  1. If you want to spend the money on real brick, put it in the main areas of your home where everyone can enjoy it.
  2. Keep faux brick like brick paneling and brick wallpaper for more personal areas like bedrooms.
  3. In conclusion, spend the money where it counts and save where you can.
Real Brick
Brick Paneling
Brick paneling will always look better and more real when it is whitewashed or painted. It is about the same cost as wallpaper but adds dimension which makes the wall appear like real brick. However, it takes more time to install and cuts have to be meticulous. DIY Brick Panel Wall Article.

Brick wallpaper looks great accenting a bedroom headboard wall and keeps hanging personal items easy. This brick wallpaper feature wall by my friend Traci Brann turned out to be a stunner on a budget (@tracibdesign on instagram). A lot of people don’t know this but Target carries wallpaper and you can even purchase it on… Buy white brick wallpaper here.

 Barn Wood!

If you an avid Pinterest browser than you’ve thought about installing a barn wood paneled wall in your home. You can do it for cheap if you have access to real barn wood or old pallets or there are other products you can purchase that are ready to go, Stikwood Product Link.

Another long term option is real barn wood stone that gets installed like masonry. Some stone suppliers will have this, the sample below is from

Ship Lap!

 My favorite HGTV show is Fixer Upper and if you watch this show you know how much Joanna Gaines loves #shiplap ;)
I like to buy mdf planks from lumber suppliers because they are easy on the pocket book and if you want the seams to be more visible make sure you leave a space between each board. Ship Lap tutorial Here on my blog!



 Modern is back in a big way in LARGE tiles. This type of feature wall is also very spendy but the impact is dramatic. High gloss textured large tiles are being used everywhere to create an impact. My favorite areas for tiled walls are bathrooms and fireplace feature walls. You can also purchase wallpaper that looks like high end tile.




 My husband cringes when I mention the word wallpaper but now they have products that are offered in the form of a sticker that sticks on the wall and peels off when ready for a change. Wallpaper can take your room into any design category with ease, from industrial to farmhouse to modern. Adding color and patterns to the wall can create a huge design element to base your entire room off of.



Removable Adhesive Wall Patterns!

These adhesive “stickers” area easy to apply and anyone can use them to make a dramatic impact in their home. Follow @wallsbymur on Instagram for patterns and ideas.


Whether your own design preference is for mid century modern, or that cozy cottage feel, feature walls are easy and can have a huge impact on your home. With Pinterest and Instagram offering up so many ideas, you don’t have to be an interior designer to have an amazing home, you just have to be a little creative, have FUN with it!!!!!!