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Coffered Entry Wall

I have a pretty tall front entry wall and it was boring me to death every time I looked at it. It was the same color as the rest of the walls and had absolutely no interest for such a large wall. So, I decided to coffer it :)

This is what the wall looked like before. I thought about adding family pictures, a gallery wall etc. I thought after a year I would get bored of the accessories I hung and would just have to change it again so I decided to go with something that was simple but had a great impact.

We started by having the wall painted white. I thought this in itself could be my backdrop for my gallery wall but after it was painted it still looked like a bore.

The coffer option was easy and cost $48.00. I ordered mdf planks from burton lumber (I would highly suggest not putting any type of ply wood product in your home especially in the hot dry St. George climate, stick with mdf or real woods, the fact that I live in a new home makes me cautious to always use long lasting durable products to add to the value to my home instead of devalue it).

I painted the plans first, nailed (and glued) them up, caulked, and touched up the nail holes and voila!!!!! Easy as can be and I’m loving the impact is has!


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  • They build a home for my very elderly parents which sometimes can be difficult. This company worked very close with them and were very accommodating and respectful. They love their home !

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