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Toddler’s Room Makeover



 I really didn’t want to tackle painting this room because it has really tall vaulted ceilings. Plus, my daughter is only 2 which means I’m sure she will want to pick her own room color when she is a bit older.

So, to add some character and to break up the walls a little we added a really easy DIY wainscoting and painted it a fresh white.



 We also decided to add a plank ceiling detail over the window seat from the left over material from the Nursery.

When it came to decorating the room I stayed with furniture pieces that would hold the test of time and would work with different kids genders and personalities just in case they need to be re used in other rooms.


 Instead of choosing a traditional dresser I decided to purchase a TV console from so I could use it more for a play space to display her toys. In the future, this can actually be used as a TV console in a different room if needed but she has 2 closets and really didn’t need the extra storage for clothes. She uses this play space every day and everything in it is the perfect height for her to be able to reach, play, and organize.

I chose to hang a mirror over the console to reflect the window on the opposite side of the room and make the room feel brighter and bigger. I chose the white oval shape to mimic more of that fairy tale design and feel.

I filled the console with all her favorite toys and books and of course a CD player as she loves to dance. On the top I added a lamp for night time reading and some personal pictures. The Minnie mouse lamp shines stars all over the ceiling at night and it ended up being her favorite thing in the entire room, she uses it every night.


For her bed we went with a traditional craftsman style twin frame that we found on craigslist for $125 which was a steal and we invested in a good quality mattress hoping she will be able to use it for years. The style of this bed frame will grow with her for years and the white color keeps her room fresh and clean looking.

We found the tinkerbell vinyl on vinyl and it was the perfect personal touch and adds a bit of whimsical fun. You can customize the direction, fairy, etc and it was really easy to install (except all the stairs were separate so it did take a little time).

The quilt was a gift from her Grandma for her 1st birthday made out of material we selected together and it is where I actually got the color scheme for the room which was mostly soft pink but touches of coral, yellow, blue and green as seen in the butterfly throw pillows and floral lamp.

I brought in the armoire to add a little bit of drawer storage for socks etc. We already had it and it helps bring the eye upwards. Which such tall ceilings in this room I wanted to decorate up a little that’s why I also added the shelf above as well. When she grows older we will put a small TV and DVD player in here and her room will be used as more of a play space then just for sleeping.

I added a 6′ circular rug in the middle of the room. It is from my favorite rug shop I chose a more grown up design but a soft light pink, this way she can continue to use it in her room as she grows older.


Of course I had to re do the window seat. When I designed the blue prints for this home I really made an effort to incorporate a window seat into the kids room. With the plank ceiling, we added a whimsical chandelier from Ikea to accent it, brought the curtains all the way up (from I purchased 3 panels and used the 3rd one for extra fabric to make her pillow sham on her bed to tie in the design) and incorporated some soft pink pillows and of course Minnie Mouse and a custom stool so she can access this space as she is still a little small :)

In the end, I’m hoping she will love this room for years as I have tried to design it so as she grows it will grow with her.

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