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DIY Blanket Ladder

I was going to order a blanket ladder off, the prices were reasonable at $50 but most of the ladders only came in 4′ heights, if you want anything larger the price goes up significantly as well as shipping charges so I decided to make my own. I needed at least 6′ so I could see it behind a chair.

1. Supplies:
I bought two 6′ 1X2s (already come pre cut to this length at Lowes) and one 1″ dowel rod which comes in a 6′ length. You can either have them cut it into equal 12-14″ pieces at the store or at home.

2. Put it together:
I just used a nail gun to nail each dowel into the side planks but would suggest using screws for more study support if you plan to hang heavy blankets.

3. Sand:
I didn’t really have to sand mine, but if you do, make sure to do the dowels really well.

4. Stain or paint:
I did a grey stain on mine with a sealer after. If you paint it I would suggest spraying on a clear coat on after.

5. Done: Super easy!!!! I’m going to make another one for behind the toilet to put towels on and possibly one for the nursery for receiving blankets.

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  • So far so good, we've only just begun the process. But Tracee has been very kind, patient and helpful. As we are still in paperwork I cannot attest to the build yet.

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    Noelle McNamara