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The 50s Are Back…..Appliance Trends!

The 50’s are coming back in a big way! Appliances!
Most of you may have noticed the 50’s slowly coming back….whether it be Taylor Swift’s trendsetting clothing style, or the switch back to mid century modern furniture.
Viking appliances have always trended towards an older fashioned/commercial look although they’ve only been around since the 80’s. Not like GE who has been making appliances since the 20s and actually had 50s style appliances during that time.
Viking has now come out with 24 new finishes/colors in order to supply to the new trend of colorful appliances.
Are you ahead of your time? Have you ever gone shopping for a specific piece of clothing and looked all over town only to find 6 months later it is in every store? This happens to me all the time especially when it comes to interior design. 3 years ago when we were building our house, it seemed like all the finishes I wanted were not “in” yet in St. George, Utah. I had a very difficult time finding rustic hardwood flooring, grey and white tiles, for a decent price.
Now fast forward 3 years later and these colors are all over town. I also wanted an old fashioned white oven. The problem, when we priced it out, it was more expensive than a Viking or Wolfe oven so we opted against it. Well, we built our house 3 years too early because we are now starting to see a supply of white and other colored appliances in affordable price ranges.
Cleaned lined white fridges, dishwashers, ovens and microwaves are now readily available. I know everyone must be thinking white is so 90s but these appliances are designed for today!!!
The 90s trend of white kitchen cabinets in my opinion never went out of style but came back first followed by the white appliances, but in a new and refreshing designs.
So next time you remodel, add a kitchen in the basement, or build a new house…think outside of the box and do something different so in 10 years you don’t have to do it again!


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  • The owners of American Heritage are great folks to work with. They are well organized, and are generally responsive. They worked with us on many issues and stood behind their work after we moved in. We feel they are honest and hard working. We had some issues and they worked hard to make us happy. We are pleased with the overall construction. We have issues with the flooring which was the result of the work by the subcontractor, but we would highly recommend this builder to others.

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    Nancy Crowley2014 Homeowner