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Black Kitchens are Trending!

For years we’ve seen white kitchens reign as the favorite cabinet color. Some people may think white kitchens are a trend but the reality is painted white cabinets have been around forever and made a comeback in the nineties before everyone started switching over to dark woods. On the east coast white kitchens never really went anywhere, and depending on where you live, you might have only starting seeing white kitchens come back in the last three to four years (some states straggle a little when it comes to trends in my opinion :)

So if you have only been introduced to white kitchens in the last year or so, you are probably not ready for what is coming next!

Trend setters and interior designers have slowly been bringing black back into our homes, it started with doors and trim and kitchen islands. Especially as white tones have grown to be the most popular color of choice for walls.

Black can be an extremely terrifying color to work with not to mention scary to design. Picking the finish is key as this can drastically change the way your kitchen will look. Do you want eggshell? High gloss? Do you add a glaze? In my opinion, I have yet to see a flat finish done right on cabinetry. The high gloss is for the extreme modern look…
Where an eggshell finish can help tone it down, changing up the cabinet door style can help you go contemporary (flat panel European style door) or traditional (raised panel door).

Adding a glaze can help traditionalize black cabinets but make sure you have a very detailed door or you won’t be able to notice the glaze at all.

In the end, every single one of these kitchens are absolutely stunning; however, if you are going to commit to black paint make sure you are in it for the long haul because it is not easy to change!


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