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Proper Curtain Lengths: Don’t be a drag!

Don’t be a drag! I hung these curtains about a month ago (or should I say my husband hung these curtains :). It took me almost a year to find 108″ curtain panels for my 9′ ceilings for a decent price. I finally found some on and loved the texture of these burlap curtains. When purchasing curtains I always look for a curtain panel that “hangs” well. The only problem is, how can they hang well when they’re not hung right?

The panel on the right could not be adjusted due to the ceiling height so I hemmed these ones to the perfect length. The curtains on the left could not be hemmed because the difference was only about 1″ and I didn’t want them to look bulky on the bottom, so instead, my dear husband re drilled the holes (about 3/4″ higher), plastered the pre existing holes, then painted the pre existing holes, and even though he was not happy about this, in the end, we are both much happier that they don’t look like they do in the above picture anymore.

*rule of thumb: your curtains should not touch the floor, your curtains should not be more than 1″ above the floor, they should barely “kiss” the floor! If you have tall ceilings like I do, spend a little extra dough to get a proper length curtain and make sure you (or your husband) spends a little extra time to hang them perfectly (the first time)!

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