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How To Style A Bed

During the 2014 Parade of Homes I had multiple inquiries about the master bedding set and where people could purchase it. I usually do not purchase a “bed in a bag.” Every time I have done this, I have ended up returning it dissatisfied by how it looks in comparison to its picture on the front of the package. I always prefer to make my own bedding set with multiple pieces and layers.

What you will need:
1. Sheet Set
2. Comforter or Quilt set for first layer
3. Comforter of Quilt set for second Layer
4. Pillow cases (on display beds I do not use the sheet set pillow cases but instead use a mix of Euro Display Pillows and the Cases that came with the Quilt/Comforter sets)
5. Multiple Throw Pillows
6. Throw Blanker
7. Tray/Accessories (Optional)

Start with a color scheme: For this bed I chose navy, creams and metallic. I usually don’t incorporate more than 3 colors, 4 at the most.

1. Sheets: Bold or Neutral: I chose neutral in this case simply because I could not find navy sheets in the time frame I needed.

2. 1st Layer Comforter: In this case the 1st layer was a quilt set. In St. George it is extremely hot in the summers so having the option to use just a light quilt is a must. The 1st layer I always pull all the way up to the pillows.

3. 2nd Layer Comforter: This should be a thicker more luxurious comforter, the one in this picture is a cream and metallic piece from Target. I usually fold it down to cover just the lower half of the bed to give it more of a display bed look.

4. Pillow Cases: I chose to use some Navy European Pillows at the back that came with another set I had purchased for the spare bedroom. Then I incorporated the shams that came with the quilt and comforter set. I would recommend at least 1 of the sets be a different color from the others.

5. Multiple Throws: I tend to purchase throws in different colors, sizes, and textures from multiple places, I am not really a fan of the “matchy matchy” look you get with a bed in a bag.

6. Throw Blanket: Like the throw pillows, this is where you can get creative with color, texture etc. as these are easily replaced and not too expensive. This can be purchased anywhere as long as you bring back one of the other colors you have already used in the rest of the bed.

7. Tray/Accessories: I love incorporating a tray on the throw especially on guest beds that are not used often. If this is your bedroom and you do not want to take off a tray every night, invest in a bench for the end of the bed to give it some more dimension. I also try to bring in more of the bedding colors in the lamp shades as well!

For Bedding in  Bag: I have rarely found and purchased a bed set that I have loved and have not taken back. I would highly recommend purchasing one from a furniture store if you are going to do this as the quality is incomparable.

This bed set was purchased from Passport Furnishings and I was very impressed with the quality. This was a King set on a Queen bed so would look more full in a Queen. We were also able to use the Euro Shams from this bed for the Master Bedroom.

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  • Great builder!!! Made our first build an exceptional experience. They made the whole thing a lot easier than expected. Will use them again for my parents house and highly recommend them for Price, Customer Satisfaction, and more...

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