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Bathrooms 101

When designing bathrooms, I personally like to design them so all the permanent materials (tile, cabinets, granite etc.) are very cohesive and will stand the test of time. If you like color, I would suggest this is done with items that can be easily changed: paint, curtains/shower curtains, towels, accessories etc. You would be able to take all the accessories out of a bathroom and completely make it over by simple adding new accessories without having to rip out any tile work etc. especially for re sale!

In this bathroom we used a simple knotty alder cabinet with dark walnut stain, a very light granite, and a very simple 12X24 tile floor. Although we chose not to accent with color because we wanted to keep a calming spa like feel, this could have easily been done simply by changing out the beige ottoman for a bright colored one and adding other colorful accents.

Timeless Accents: Wood, window casings and window sills: These things add character and elegance to bathrooms without breaking the bank. White is a very neutral and clean color to start off any design scheme and anyone could walk into this bathroom and accent it any way they choose.

Out with the new, in with the olds: the most popular trend coming back is the timeless bathroom style and color scheme of black and white.

Black and white basket weave or hexagon tile is my absolute favorite choice for a bathroom floor. This look is classic and timeless and will go with any accent color scheme. It also allows you do finish with a dark grey or black grout which leaves the issue of the dirty grout look completely out of the pictures, also a great idea for shower floors!!!!!!
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  • We have built several homes ourselves and have worked with numerous contractors during our careers, but none have been as professional or have paid attention to detail as American Heritage. What a pleasure to work with this team of building professionals. We have been in our home 1 year and love everything about it. Quality is #1 and during the building and after, they have always been willing to return and assist to our needs. Thanks to Seth, Shem and everyone for your professionalism.

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    Henry Schmidt2013 Homeowner