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Fireplaces 101

I personally like to see a fireplace on every floor plan but sometimes it does depend on overall budget and consumer needs.

If you like fireplaces as much as I do, below are a few ways to incorporate them into your design.

Above is a traditional stone fireplace with a stone hearth and wood mantle. This fireplace was upgraded slightly by rounding the entire wall, mantle, and also painting the fireplace a bronzed accent color.

Another traditional fireplace but with a curved hearth, beam mantle with corbels and stone was added all the way to the ceiling because the living room was open to the second level. They also left an area open to hang a picture or a TV.

This fireplace was treated the same as the great room fireplace above but  located in the dining room so the fireplace was raised off the floor and the hearth was deleted. This fireplace added to the dining room created so much extra character in the home.

The above fireplace was upgraded to a longer more modern style to match this house. The stacked stone was widened and taken all the way to the ceiling and a simple beam mantle was added as well for a more modern look.

This double sided fireplace was added between master bathroom and master bedroom wall to create a relaxing feature in the master bathroom.

This fireplace was added to a very large living room to create some separation between the living area and the sitting area. Since the fireplace usually takes up about a foot of depth, the sides were left open with benches installed to create additional seating. This fireplace was also raised up of the floor to bring the eye up with stone taken all the way to the ceiling.

This traditionally craftsman styled fireplace was left at floor level to accommodate the full mantle surround. Extra custom build in storage and bookshelves were added in the space to give this craftsman styled home more detail. Make sure you have your framed custom frame in this space before hand to give it that more built in look.

And Lastly, this traditionally styled fireplace with our signature hearth and wood mantle was given custom bookshelves and 2 treatments of stone. You can also take your bookshelves all the way to the ceiling but this generally adds a lot of extra cost depending on the sizes the cabinet materials come it.