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Closets On A Budget

Don’t have the budget to do a custom built in closet? Me either!

Here are some easy tips to dress up your closet on a budget when building on renovating:


1. Windows: If your closet is on an exterior wall, have your builder ads some small 1X1’s in order to bring in some natural light especially if your closet is small. Ceiling heights are now 9-10′ tall, but make sure to have them add the windows as high as possible so you don’t take away too much from storage.

2. Flooring: Why do a basic carpet floor? In this home we used the leftover hardwood we had from the home, bordered the closet, and filled it in with an upgraded low pile patterned carpet instead of a basic carpet. Small upgrade in terms of dollar, big upgrade in terms of effect!

3. Drawers: No one keeps dressers in their bedrooms anymore. People don’t shower, go to their bedroom to get their socks etc then go to their closet for their clothes, who has the time! :) Give you finish carpenter the dimensions of your dresser and have him leave a space for it in your closet!


4. Shelving: Finish carpenters usually won’t charge extra to do shelving and good ones will usually include it in their price anyways. Ask to meet with your designer or finish carpenter before product is ordered so you can let them know where you would prefer shelving and have it don’t right.

5. Shelving to the ceiling: Even though this closet looks cluttered because this person has way to many clothes :) they were in dire need of the extra shelving. Most shelving stops at 7′ or so, if you have 9′ or 10′ ceilings why not take your shelving all the way up for extra items like shoes and purses.

6. The details: Instead of a regular door that swings in and takes up half your closet space every time you open it, ask for a pocket door. This door will almost always be open anyways and gets tucked away which is great for small spaces. I inserted a custom mirror into this 1 panel pocket door in order to bring a mirror into the closet without taking up valuable wall square footage. Another option, take the door off completely for a more open look and feel.

7. Custom: If you do have the money obviously custom is the way to go. In this home we carried the bathroom travertine right into the closet for a clean look. There is really no limit with custom closets, drawers, hanging rods, jewelry inserts, tie racks, pants rack etc. but you will pay for every one of them! My motto, closets can always be updated later, spend your money now on items that you can’t easily update in the future and finish off your closets when you can!