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Coffered Wall “How To”

All the rooms in my home are getting moved around due to making room for a new baby/nursery.

We decided to add a feature wall downstairs where my home office is going to create some interest. We have a lot of wainscoting and white wood work detail in our home but in our basement we are going for a different look as this is my husbands domain and he wants to keep the color scheme manly ;)

We chose a wall in my home office because it is in the main eye line when you come down the stairs.

Choosing a paint color: We basically just took our Kwal paint samples, found our wall color, and picked the darkest color on the card, this way we knew the color would match the main walls because its actually the same color just darker. We chose a matte finish to keep the wall more modern looking and because the color we chose is so dark, we did not want it to appear shiny in the least.

Paint: We started by painting the wall, we also painted the trim pieces we were going to use around the edges before we installed them on the wall (this way it appears as though we have painted perfect lines around the edges). Because the paint color we selected is so dark, any mistakes would have been easily noticed so this was an easy way to avoid that.

Install: We installed the vertical pieces that go against the direction of the 2X4s first as these are easier to install with just nails. The horizontal pieces sometimes need glue on the back as well if you cannot secure them to a 2X4.

Caulking: This was a big job on the wall because there were so many nooks and crannies but by now my husband is a pro! (Don’t forget to fill in the nail holes as well)

Touch ups: After all the mud has dried simply touch it up with paint and done!

This wall is a 1 day project (mostly waiting for paint to dry).

*tip: we didn’t do this but next time I would remove the base board and install the wall all the way to the bottom, especially if doing an entire room but on a feature wall not always necessary because you may want your base board to match the rest of the room.

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  • We are very pleased with our decision to hire American Heritage Homes to build our dream home. I am one of those homeowners that spent a lot of time on site asking questions and taking photographs. They all have been good to us and accommodated our last minute changes. They are honest, reliable and knowledgeable in their building of quality homes. Not only do you get a great home but you end up adding good friends in your life. Thanks Yvonne and all the guys.

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