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2015 Color Trends: Sherwin-Williams 2015 Colormix

When I was at the 2014 Summer Design Market in Las Vegas I sat in on the Sherwin Williams Colormix Presentation to learn about the upcoming trends in color that will affect not only the interior design industry, but many other industries like the fashion, furniture, architecture and more.

They presented 4 design trends we will see in 2015: Chrysalis, Voyage, Buoyant, and Unrestrained. They came up with these color forecasts based off trends we have been seeing around the world in fashion, travel and vacations, inspiration individuals, and architecture.

Chrysalis: My personal favorite for my own home, chrysalis, is based on an earthy spa like setting with calming colors and the use of patterns and textiles that provoke a feeling. Below you will see the Sherwin-Williams 2015 colors that were derived from this trend. They are also providing a color deck this year that is all “whites” for those of us who like simple, calming colors in our home.


Voyage: The Voyage color deck is based off the current trends of travel. With all of the hype around Virgin Galactic where celebrities like Justin Bieber, Leonardo Dicaprio and Lady Gaga are purchasing tickets to travel into space. Even Mars One, where they are discussing creating the first human settlement on Mars in 2023. Voyage colors are based around the new travel trends and you will see blues coming from the new movement of undersea resorts. 
Buoyant: This color style, like its name suggests, comes from our great world weathering many recent obstacles and recessions and takes beautiful colors from rainforests, botanicals, and the sudden development to really make an effort to incorporate green spaces into urban architecture. Florals started to flourish in 2014 but will be an even bigger influence in 2015 designs.


Unrestrained: Unrestrained is very gypsy and bohemian which we have been seeing in fashion a lot the last couple of years. These colors have no rules on how you combine them, incorporate them into patterns, and use them. You will see almost every color on this eclectic color wheel.



No matter which color style you prefer, these are great starting points for anyone trying to DIY design their home. Their website is also very helpful when selecting paint colors and their color visualizer can be used to help see your color in a room before you try it out Sherwin-Williams find and explore colors.
*Designer Tip: Always purchase a sample can of the paint your are going to use first and paint a small patch on the wall to test it out before fully committing :)
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