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Built in Mirrors

Built in mirrors in my opinion are the way to go!
A couple of months ago we re did our mudroom and added some custom wainscoting. This room is tiny and I needed all the help I could get making it appear larger. The white wainscot helped but the hanging mirror we had before did it no justice!

We had a custom mirror company custom fit and install a mirror in its place. This was very inexpensive, and even less expensive than a nice hanging mirror would have been ($80-100). We have this beautiful window seat across the hall from our mudroom and now its visually available from every angle and the mudroom appears much larger.

If you are doing this, make sure to trim the mirror first, then have them measure and prepare a quote. Make sure on the quote they include a polished edge on the mirror otherwise the edges will look unfinished.

This can also be done to replace hanging vanity mirrors in bathrooms to help increase the visual space.

We loved the result!!! All these little additions are helping our home look custom, cozy, cared about!

Client Testimonials
  • After spending time in the model we felt that this particular style of home, coupled with cost, location and available features made American Heritage Homes an easy choice to build our Southern Utah home. We were most impressed by the ability for American Heritage Homes to adhere to the planned schedule and budget throughout the entire project. Our custom home was built in 14 weeks. The project came in on budget with absolutely NO surprises exceeding our expectations in every way. Lastly, it is quite apparent the American Heritage Homes' top priority is the quality of workmanship and materials used in the construction process, leading to your total satisfaction with your new home.

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    Marv and Sheree MarcusHappy 2012 Homeowners