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Magnetic Chalk Board Wall

Well it’s been 3 months since my last post, mostly because DIY projects while I was on maternity leave were very limited to say the least!!!!!

We did however create a magnetic chalk board wall under the stairs for Presley for her Valentine’s Day present and she is completely obsessed with it! The access is right off her play room so it was the perfect spot!

We have a bunch of wasted space under our stairs and I thought this would be the perfect spot for a little play area for her. I bought some tintable chalk board paint (tinted it navy blue but there are tons of colors to choose from, I wanted something dark so she could still use all the chalk colors). One can will get you about 100sqft.

The lady at Lowes suggested we also buy a magnetic primer to put underneath which was actually an awesome idea but one can will only get you about 16sqft and the stuff is not cheap at $20 a can so make sure you have a small wall :)
We finished the room off with a miniature fairy door installed into the drywall in between the studs, some chalk and magnet holders and of course some frozen decals and this room is her new favorite space!!!!!!!
 Not only can she write all over the wall without getting in trouble but she LOVES her farm animal magnets and we also got alphabet and number magnets so she can start practicing spelling.
She asks to play on her wall every day and if I want some quiet time this is the perfect place for her! Would highly recommend one in every home!

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  • We are very happy with the home that American Heritage Homes built for us! It's very high quality work; and they involved us through the entire building process helping us know what the possibilities were, but also letting us make all the decisions. We were excited with some of their suggestions, such as making the crawl space by the upstairs bedrooms a "secret tunnel." Our kids just love it! We thought the positioning of the house and windows was well thought out. These guys are true professionals, honest and easy to work with. We really appreciated the efforts of Seth and Shem in helping us get the enhancements we wanted, but allowing us to keep the entire project as economical as possible. Thanks so much for everything.

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    Greg and Michelle Smith2010 Home Owners