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Emily Foster

Emily Foster, Real Estate Professional

Born and raised in Hurricane, Utah, Emily has seen what were once mostly grassy fields, desert terrain, and mountains that seem to stretch on endlessly, grow and flourish into the beautiful, breathtaking Southern Utah communities she knows and loves today.

Deep-seated in a family of entrepreneurs and business owners, along with her passion and love for people, Emily is naturally drawn to the profession of real estate. Through this opportunity, she is able to spend time, co-create, and be of great value to and with others, which undoubtedly fills her cup to the brim.

Though it came as a surprise to her, Emily found great reverence in writing and reviewing contracts. She feels eager and thrilled as she learns more and more about new construction and the building process. As a realtor, Emily shines in several departments- from getting buyers into the home of their dreams or selling someone’s home for top dollar, to creating an enjoyable experience as she guides her clients through the custom home building process.

She will go above and beyond to ensure her clients get the most out of her services, and relishes in making personal connections along the way.

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Emily Foster

Real Estate Professional