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Personalize Your Stockings!!!!!

My mother started stitching my stocking when I was born…….she didn’t finish it until I was 11!!!!! As a working mom, I do not have the time to take on something like this but I hate generic stocking.

An easy way to personalize your stocking is to simply stitch names into them.

I got our stalking’s at my favorite seasonal store…..Tai Pan Trading. Then I “googled” to find some Stitching Templates for Letters. Each name took me 1-2 nights and done! I even made a stocking for Grandma and Grandpa when they came to visit so they would feel at home.

Dad’s stocking needed a little extra something since it was just a plain red stalking so I made my own template for Antlers and stitched them in.

 In the end, our stocking’s look personalized even though they are store bought. I would normally hang these on my fireplace by my 18 month old loves to try to pull them down so this year they ended up on the bookshelf!!!!!!!!

Client Testimonials
  • We love our American Heritage Home! After moving to St George we searched and searched for a home builder who built quality homes without charging ridiculous prices and American Heritage Homes fit the bill. Seth and Shem are awesome to work with. We had a vision about how we wanted our home to look and they helped that come to life." Their attentive nature to every detail helped us realize our dreams. It seems amazing to us that we own this gorgeous home in this amazing area. But, we know that we couldn't have done it without American Heritage Homes. We would recommend them to anyone!

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    Shan & Judy Hubsmith2010 Home Owners