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Personalize Your Stockings!!!!!

My mother started stitching my stocking when I was born…….she didn’t finish it until I was 11!!!!! As a working mom, I do not have the time to take on something like this but I hate generic stocking.

An easy way to personalize your stocking is to simply stitch names into them.

I got our stalking’s at my favorite seasonal store…..Tai Pan Trading. Then I “googled” to find some Stitching Templates for Letters. Each name took me 1-2 nights and done! I even made a stocking for Grandma and Grandpa when they came to visit so they would feel at home.

Dad’s stocking needed a little extra something since it was just a plain red stalking so I made my own template for Antlers and stitched them in.

 In the end, our stocking’s look personalized even though they are store bought. I would normally hang these on my fireplace by my 18 month old loves to try to pull them down so this year they ended up on the bookshelf!!!!!!!!

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  • American Heritage Homes built us a new home in Dixie Springs. It was built on time and service was extremely good. I would highly recommend. Note, everyone was great to work with; and special note, Todd is a great asset as corrections needed to be done as they always have to. I just called and it was taken care of.

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    Henry Pape2014 Homeowner