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Hands Down The Best Website For Curtains

I think this is hands down the best website for ordering curtains online. From my experience most retail stores only carry up to lengths 84″ in the store, most homes being built now come with 9′-10′ ceilings which means you would need a minimum curtain length of 108″ if you want to be able to take them all the way to the ceiling for the proper look. This helps elongate the height in your room and accentuate that great feature.

We decided to decorate our master suit in white, this happened by accident simply because I couldn’t decide on a color when we were building and ended up loving the white walls. The problem becomes finding the proper color fabric when ordering online, some creams looked too yellow etc. With I made sure to read all the reviews. This was actually the second set of curtains I purchased but the first pair were really easy to return, I printed the return label off their website and the funds were returned to my card within 3 business days (the first pair was way too yellow).


Quality: I ordered black out curtains because in our bedroom we wanted it as dark as possible, and even though black out curtains are usually much stiffer and harder to hem to the perfect length these did really well. Also, these specific ones do not have the ugly white black out lining on the backside.


Price: 108″ curtains usually start at $80 a panel, I needed 4-6 panels but didn’t want to break the bank. These panels ended up being 2 for $100 and they have a lot of selection on this website in the $50 range per panel which is a steal for this length.

Now that the curtains are done which was the most expensive part of the decorations I need, I will just keep adding more fun neutral accents!

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  • We love our American Heritage Home! After moving to St George we searched and searched for a home builder who built quality homes without charging ridiculous prices and American Heritage Homes fit the bill. Seth and Shem are awesome to work with. We had a vision about how we wanted our home to look and they helped that come to life." Their attentive nature to every detail helped us realize our dreams. It seems amazing to us that we own this gorgeous home in this amazing area. But, we know that we couldn't have done it without American Heritage Homes. We would recommend them to anyone!

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    Shan & Judy Hubsmith2010 Home Owners