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DIY Fire Pit

DIY Fire Pit
I originally wanted to purchase this fire pit from Lowes for $199 Lowes Fire Pit Kit

It only came with 3 rows of stone and most of the cost was for the fire place insert piece and for $199 my husband didn’t want to have to build it. If you are placing this fire pit on a deck you might need the metal insert but we just wanted to place it on gravel so we didn’t need it anyway. Even if you buy everything separately at lowes it is still about $75 less than purchasing the actual kit.
We priced out the blocks and bought enough to add an extra row since this fire pit was a little short anyways, it was left than half the price. We counted the blocks off the display model, added extra for the top row and simply purchased everything separately that the fire pit kit came with except for the metal insert.
The fire pit only took about an hour to install, most of the time was due to the weight of the blocks but just pay your nephew $40 to do all the heavy lifting :)
After an hour of work, and $100 we now have a beautiful fire pit to enjoy this fall just in time for the cooler weather!!!!!!!
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