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David Peterson

David Peterson, Field, Project Manager

David began his life in Provo, Utah. After a very short period of time (1yrs old), without his consent,
his family moved to Colorado Springs, C.O. This is where he experienced life at the foothills of the
Rocky Mountains and the open plains.
David is the fourth child of nine kids. There are seven boys and two girls. David had the best
childhood and family growing up. With eleven people in the house there was always an
adventure going on somewhere.

David met his wife as missionaries in South Carolina. After being a missionary David moved to Utah
to attend college and unexpectedly they started dating after she returned home to Sandy, UT
from her mission. Later, David found out that it wasn’t unexpected for his wife, this was her plan all
along. David and his wife Leslie have three wonderful kids! The names of their kids are:
Caroline, (named after South Carolina), Hamilton and Truman.

David graduated from the University of Utah with his bachelors degree in Public
Communications/Conflict Management.  The last 13 yrs David had a career that he loved in the telecommunications industry (Authorized Dealer for AT&T). He was a District Manager responsible for the sales performance and operations of 12 stores from Utah County to St. George. His passion is helping people learn how to succeed in
sales and in their personal life.  David has 3 yrs experience in framing homes, landscaping and installing fences.

When the weather is good, each weekend, as a family they enjoy hiking a new trail or going back
to a favorite trail. Their family loves playing board games and putting together large puzzles to hang on
the wall when finished.

David’s personal interests are reading books on personal development, personal finance &
investing. He has acquired an interest in the forgotten hobby of coin collecting. He enjoys working on
projects fixing and improving things around his house. David has also recently found a love for dirt biking.

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David Peterson

Field, Project Manager